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Save and link your documents, search results, bookmarks, comments and citations in single application - an easy-to-use electronic Legal Resource Management System for Filipino lawyers, law students and legal professionals.


haiNa 2.0 embeds the industry-standard dtSearch engine to find your legal queries by presenting accurate results in the form of clickable snippets linked to the exact location of the highlighted text within a document. 


Organize your legal resources in a fully customizable outline where you can embed your documents, search results, comments, text snippets, citations, links to websites and other applications.


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Full-Text Search Engine | December 30, 2015

How fast can you find the latest and most relevant Supreme Court decisions on a particular issue?

You either have an internet connection or you don't. If you don't, then get your dusty books and scan the table of contents. You are lucky if the cases cited on your book have not been superseded yet by new rulings. Otherwise, you will be copying obsolete citations.

If you have an internet connection you can try to navigate to any of the following websites: Supreme Court, Lawphil or Chanrobles. If your internet connection is slow and you are using an old portable wifi hotspot, you will get fed up waiting for the page to load. If you are impatient, you will leave the computer and try again on another day.

If you are lucky to live or work in a city, you might find a wifi hotspot with high-speed internet connection. Browsing any website would not be a problem for you. But how do you find the relevant cases buried deep among the unmapped links on those websites?

You resort to online search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. You get your search results almost instantly and you think nothing else could do better. Only because you have not seen better.

You should. haiNa 2.0 is definitely a better tool:

1. haiNa 2.0 retrieves more complete and relevant results than a Google search of any of those websites.

Here is the comparative results for the search term, "diligence of a good father of a family" to find within the text of Supreme Court decisions:

  • Google Search of 253 documents with hits
  • Google Search of 147 documents with hits
  • Search of 248 documents with hits
  • Search by haiNa 2.0: 290 documents with hits

2. haiNa 2.0 provides unique features that enable you to make more accurate and comprehensive search.

These features, which can be disabled/enabled, are not available through online search using common internet search engines:

  • Field Search - search by GR number, Philippine Report number, Party or Date. This specific search feature excludes documents where the search term is found not on the specified Field
  • Date Filter - search a decision promulgated on a specific date, decisions with a specific date range, decisions before or after a specified date 
  • Proximity Search - specify the maximum number of words that separate search terms within a document. This feature enables you to find documents where the search terms are found within the sentence of paragraph. This will return more relevant search results. 
  • Boolean Operators - you can use AND ("&"), OR ("^"), AND OR ("&-"), ANDANY operators for Boolean search
  • Wildcard operators - you can use "*", "?", "=" symbols to capture unknown text strings, single character or single number digit.
  • Term Relevance Operator - specify the level of importance of a word or phrase among the other words or phrases in a search term
  • Word Stemming - include the different word-forms  of the specified words (number and tenses) in the search results. E.g. "convict" will include documents containing "conviction" and "convicted"
  • Synonym Search - synonyms of the search terms can be included in the search results
  • Fuzzy Search - you can find mis-spelled variations of the search terms. This feature is very useful for searching scanned documents in pdf format.
  • Phonic Search - similar-sounding words with the search terms are included in the search results
  • Natural Language Search - you can ask questions such as "What is jurisdiction?"
  • Search Types - search for a phrase/s, all words, any word, boolean
  • Search within Search Results - drill-down, slice-and-dice the search results by limiting your next search to the documents retrieved in previous search results.

3. haiNa 2.0 presents more useful search results.

  • Multiple Search Results & Documents - unlike other desktop search engines, haiNa 2.0 utilizes a browser-like interface where you can display multiple search results and view multiple documents in different tabs (See the Screenshoots). 
  • Customizable Context Blocks with Higlighted Hits - the search terms are presented with distinct highlight within the context of the line of text where they are found among the documents
  • Clickable Snippets - in the search results, each context block containing a search term is directly hyperlinked to the exact location of that search term within the document. No need to find the search term all over again when you view the document.
  • Sorting by Relevance/Date/HitCount - search results can be sorted without making a new search

4. haiNa 2.0 provides unique tools for document citation and navigation.

  • Auto-citation - the citation of a case is automatically appended to a portion of text that you copy from a document. (Note: This feature is not available on the Free Version)
  • Copy-on-Select - automatically copy a portion of text within a document as soon as you select it. No need to click the Copy button or menu. (Note: This feature is not available on the Free Version)
  • Highlighted Hits and Hit Navigation - the search terms are distinctly highlighted on the document and you can navigate to the first, previous, next and last hit.
  • Export to MS-Word - you can easily edit a document by exporting it directly to Microsoft Word

5. haiNa 2.0 allows you to make offline and online search

  • Offline indexed search without internet connection - the full-text of Supreme Court decisions from 1901 to present are contained within the the haiNa decision index that you can search offline even without internet connection
  • Offline unindexed search of local files on your computer - you can search local files that are not contained in the index using the same operators and options available in an indexed search. You can put the documents that you downloaded from the internet in a single folder-subfolder structure and search them the same way that you search indexed documents. (Note: This feature is not available on the Free Version) 
  • Online search with internet connection - anything that you can do with Google search online can be done with the built-in browser of haiNa.

6. haiNa 2.0 content indices are updated weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

  • haiNa is the principal legal research tool of full-service law firms. Content indices are constantly updated as soon as new official documents are posted or issued.

7. haiNa 2.0 Free Version is limited in function but totally FREE forever.



Legal Resource Management System | December 30, 2015

Legal resources of law students, lawyers and legal professionals can be classified into:

  1. Official documents such as Supreme Court decisions, statutes, rules and issuances
  2. Pictures and images 
  3. Un-official documents such as commentaries, syllabi, digests and other documents from the internet
  4. Bookmarks of web pages or documents on the internet
  5. Pleadings, instruments and sworn statements
  6. Notes on cases and research summaries

All of the above legal resources can be easily integrated as Nodes on the Content Outline of haiNa where they are organized in an expandable-collapsible tree structure that can be customized through Drag-and-Drop operation. Each Node is an active link to a particular legal resource that can be viewed inside haiNa or the application associated with the particular filetype. Offline & online search results can also be added to the Content Outline.

Unlimited Notes and Snippets of text can also be added at any location on the outline. You will not lose your notes ever again.

In addition, haiNa 2.0 has integrated Multi-tab Internet Browser and Multi-tab RTF Clipboard.

Note: The Legal Resource Management System features are not available on the Free Version. 

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